Professionalization of multi-stakeholder networks in refugee and migrant work.

Funded by:

Erasmus +

Our role in the project:

  • Toolkit development

Brief description

ERASMI enables the various stakeholder groups in the field of migration and refugee integration work to professionalise their employees and their organizations as a whole in order to increase their impact on social inclusion, and enables them to develop strong multi-stakeholder networks to develop and implement regional action plans for the social inclusion of migrants and refugees.

Project outputs

OUTPUT 1 – Best Practice Compendium: Analysis of challenges and best practice approaches in network cooperation.

OUTPUT 2 – Multi-Stakeholder Toolkit: Development of an innovative learning framework and toolkit that enables actors to improve the impact of their social work in networks.

OUTPUT 3 – Regional ERASMI networks: Establishment of regional ERASMI stakeholder networks as an exchange platform to improve cooperation between regional stakeholders in migration and refugee work. In addition, blueprints for successful networking are developed.

OUTPUT 4 – Interactive knowledge platform: In order to guarantee extensive access to the resources of the project, the project results and the documented processes and experiences from the networks are processed on our interactive knowledge exchange platform.

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