Navigating Tourism

Navigating Tourism

Increasing the crisis competence of tourism SMEs and tourism regions

Funded by:

Erasmus +

Our role in the project:

  • Training course development

Brief description

The project enables universities, educational institutions and networks, existing SMEs and future entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to train so that they acquire the necessary skills and tools to successfully navigate their business through a virulent crisis. You will be equipped with the knowledge and the necessary tools to analyze the extent of a crisis, develop suitable countermeasures and safely navigate your company through the crisis.

Project outputs

OUTPUT 1 – International Needs Analysis: International expert survey on the specific characteristics of crises in tourism companies.

OUTPUT 2 – SME training course: Comprehensive training course for SMEs in the tourism sector, which includes the necessary knowledge for crisis management.

OUTPUT 3 – University course for tourism regions: Curricula and course materials for university courses

OUTPUT 4 – Interactive APP: Development of an innovative learning APP and knowledge platform to ensure broad and free access to all resources produced.

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