Secure Project

Increasing the crisis resilience of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Funded by:

Erasmus +

Our role in the project:

  • Training course development

  • Development of an interactive crisis analysis APP

Brief description

Studies show that SMEs neither have suitable early warning systems nor are they in a position to develop suitable countermeasures in corporate crises on their own. In addition, SMEs often have special characteristics that prevent them from recognizing and reacting to corporate crises: owner-centered, patriarchal organized, underfunded – to name just a few.

Our project goal is clear:

  • To enable SMEs to identify and analyze early warning indicators for corporate crises and to develop individually suitable measures for crisis prevention / management.

  • Professionalise vocational training and other support structures and increase the effectiveness of their offers.

  • Increase the resilience of founders to crises by raising awareness of early warning signals.

  • To provide political decision-makers with up-to-date and in-depth knowledge about early crisis indicators that can be incorporated into future guidelines.

Project outputs

OUTPUT 1 – International Early Warning System Framework: consisting of an international study on early warning signals and systems as well as countermeasures for corporate crises in SMEs and the analysis of their specific success factors.

OUTPUT 2 – curriculum and training resources: Including a curriculum, learning objectives, lesson plans, assessment guides and access to a wide variety of original teaching content in digital format. These free resources offer trainers, coaches and consultants a complete toolkit for conveying crisis knowledge.

OUTPUT 3 – Interactive Assessment APP: Interactive APP for analyzing the crisis resilience of SMEs. The APP provides comprehensive and individual feedback and identifies possible courses of action.

OUTPUT 4 – Interactive knowledge platform: The resources named above are prepared as online training materials and made available on the interactive knowledge platform together with additional knowledge resources.

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