Smart Up

Supporting small and medium-sized companies in identifying early warning signals for corporate crises.

Funded by:

Erasmus +

Our role in the project:

  • Training course development

  • Implementation of a crisis assessment

Brief description

Entrepreneurial failure is increasingly recognized as an important topic in entrepreneurship education – for good reason: More than half of European start-ups do not survive the 5-year mark. Nevertheless, this important topic has so far been largely ignored in entrepreneurship education.

To remedy this, in the Smart Up project we are developing, among other things, an assessment to analyze signs of different crisis phases as well as holistic training courses that enable entrepreneurs to identify and overcome crises.

Project outputs

OUTPUT 1 – Smart UP Framework: Introductory compendium with current knowledge about early warning signals of corporate crises, detection and intervention options.

OUTPUT 2 – curriculum and training course: A comprehensive training course incl. accompanying materials for coaches and consultants to impart knowledge on crisis intervention to SMEs.

OUTPUT 3 – Open Educational Resources: Adaptation of the training course as an online course.

Project partners

News from the project:

Smart UP crisis framework

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About the Smart UP project

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are indisputably important for economic growth in Europe, as they account for 85% of new jobs created annually and 66% of [...]

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