CSR Ready

Supporting SMEs in analyzing the effects of corporate social responsibility on their company and in implementing specific CSR measures.

Funded by:

Erasmus +

Our role in the project:

  • Project management

  • Programming of the interactive assessment

Brief description

Small and medium-sized enterprises are undoubtedly important as drivers of economic growth in Europe: they provide 85% of new jobs and 66% of employment in the private sector. However, this economic importance is also reflected in Europe’s ecological and social footprint – albeit with less positive indicators.

The goals of CSR READY are therefore clear:

  • To enable SMEs to analyze the effects of CSR on their company and to implement concrete measures.

  • Increase the social impact of SMEs by raising awareness of CSR

  • Professionalise training and advisory structures and increase their impact on CSR measures in SMEs

Project outputs

Output 1: INTERNATIONAL SME CSR READY IMPACT FRAMEWORK: Implementation of an international study to analyze CSR in small and medium-sized companies. In particular, challenges, drivers and inhibiting factors are identified. This knowledge then contributes to the further outputs.

Output 2: CSR READY CURRICULUM: Development of curricula and training courses for the implementation of CSR strategies and measures in small and medium-sized companies. The courses are provided with comprehensive accompanying resources for training providers, trainers and coaches in order to enable them to integrate the materials into their offers.

Output 3: CSR READY ASSESSMENT APP: Implementation of an interactive assessment, which enables small and medium-sized companies to analyze their individual CSR readiness, to identify weak points and areas of action and to take measures.

Output 4: KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM: The developed resources are brought together on an interactive platform. The platform also serves for networking and the exchange of experiences between companies and the education sector.

Project partners

News from the project:

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International literature research

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