Support for female founders with a migration background.

Funded by:

Erasmus +

Our role in the project:

  • Training course development

  • Implementation of an entrepreneurial readiness assessment

Brief description

The overarching goal of EMINENT is to increase the number of female entrepreneurs with a refugee and migration background by guiding them step by step through the start-up process with the help of our training course, networking them with training providers and thus improving the quality of their training. To achieve this, we work with a number of training providers, develop holistic training resources and communicate inspiring case studies.

Project outputs

OUTPUT 1 – Good Practice Compendium: Comparison of international best practice approaches to support female entrepreneurs with a refugee and migration background.

OUTPUT 2 – curriculum and training course: A comprehensive training course for founders with a refugee and migration background provides the knowledge and skills they need to set up their own company.

OUTPUT 3 – Interactive knowledge platform: Interactive knowledge hub and exchange platform for women entrepreneurs with refugee and migration backgrounds, vocational training institutions and stakeholders.

Project partners

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